office design

1500 m²


Deloitte Digital, a daughter company of consultancy agency Deloitte, are specialized in co-creating innovative solutions with their customers.  They were in need of their own creative location and moved to the completely renovated former Citroën garage next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

The interior has become a statement with various references to the building's past and characteristic elements. As a workplace the office interior is a futuristic environment in it's facilities, appearance and functionality. Deloitte Digitals new office interior is a place where strategy, technology and creation comes together. 


Sustainability, innovation and co-creation were three of the most important pillars of the project. Together with the Deloitte project team, we have looked extensively into the future and determined the wishes and ambitions and, where possible, stretched further. The result is nothing like a regular office and that was exactly the intention. This design is co-designed, managed and realized by DZAP. 

Realized in 2018