office design

1600 m²


Driven by growth, Fontem Ventures has opted for a new office on the 8th floor of Radarport in Amsterdam. We were asked whether we could create an office interior that matches the international character of the company and that offers all, often international, employees a pleasant working environment where they all feel at home. We have found the right balance that fits in with the international and dynamic look of Fontem Ventures in a homely atmosphere combined with catchy use of color.


The informal and formal spaces are placed in such a strategic way that the possible noise nuisance is reduced to a minimum. By choosing warm colors and materials combined with eye-catching accessories and landscaping, the homely atmosphere comes into its own. The office itself has many oblique, fanning lines. By allowing the sight lines to run as far as possible, you create a spatial effect. A number of corridors have been released for this purpose and the core of the floor is covered with cupboard walls so that this unit radiates and no additional cupboards are needed that block the view. During the project, additional office space was leased that was seamlessly included in the larger whole during the project. This design was managed and realized by DZAP. 

Realized in 2018