office design

1000 m²


Forbion, an investor in innovative health care startups, was in need of an extension of their current office. Forbion was located at the second floor of approximately 500 m2. Here we have added the first floor with another 500 m2 and connected with each other through an internal staircase. In the design, we paid a lot of attention to the correct routing through the office. The staircase in particular has become a real eye-catcher in the office, partly due to its central position.


By setting up the first floor for meetings, flexible working and receiving visitors, you keep the excitement in one place. The second floor is therefore designed as a work and concentration environment. The internal staircase, designed as elegant and slim as possible, ensures an open and transparent connection. Although the two floors each have their own function, they fit together seamlessly in their appearance. 

This office interior has a timeless, light and warm design. The first floor has a welcoming informal waiting area in the heart of the meeting rooms and a open social space with a bar element. This design is managed and realized by DZAP. 

Realized in 2019