office design

1100 m²


Fyffes, a fruit trading company and has been located for over 20 years in the office building next to the Citrusveiling in the port of Rotterdam. The Citrusveiling is a monumental building completed in 1955 and has been designed by the famous Hugh Aart Maaskant. The building is rich in beautiful characteristic elements and materials from that design period. I incorporated these elements and colors into the design, giving the office a real "Mad Men" appearance.


I was involved in the design from the beginning of 2018 before the building was fully revitalized. As a result, I could influence on maintaining characteristic elements. For example; I was able to open up the skylights in the roof to create an amazing daylight experience. We created for Fyffes the possibility to grow within the office space, open sightlines, good acoustics and a welcoming social space to meet and invite clients. 

Realized in 2019